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Every Bit of Love
Birth Services

With support, education, and self-determination during this time, you can own your birth! 

I provide evidence based, holistic, and intuitive care during pregnancy, labor and birth so that you can have the best birth available to you…one that aligns with your unique needs, wants, and circumstances. 

I attend all hospital, birth center and home births in and around the Boston Area. 

First visit is a complimentary meet and greet:)

"All the Love" Birth Package - $900

(I offer payment plans, scholarships and discounts for repeat clients, teachers and single moms.) 


What you can expect:

  • Pregnancy Support

    • 2 prenatal visits 

    • Phone/text/email support throughout pregnancy.

    • Educational Recommendations & Evidence Based Research.

    • Local Recommendations and Referrals.

    • Assistance finding a provider or birthing place that aligns with your values and prioritizes informed consent.

    • Labor Preparation & Coping Techniques

    • Guidance on pain management options, interventions, inductions and cesareans

  • Labor Support:

    • Immediate phone & text support from the onset of labor until you need me in person.

    • Attendance at your labor either at your home and/or place of birth.

    • Physical, Emotional, Educational Support and Advocacy during the entirety of your labor

    • Up to 2 hours of recovery support.

    • Immediate lactation/feeding support after birth.

    • Back up support through my network of doulas in MA

  • Postpartum Support

    • 1-2 postpartum visits in the comfort of your home

    • Lactation, pumping & feeding support 

    • Phone/text/email support through your first 4 weeks of motherhood

    • Mental Health Resources and Referrals

    • Recommendations for new parent and lactation support services

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